Oil and gas (drilling and production)

The oil and gas industry cover different activities, from the on and offshore exploration and production of oil and gas to its transportation and storage.
The Hydrocarbon gases involved are a serious explosive risk and toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide are often present.

Typical Applications:

  • Exploration drilling rigs
  • Production platforms
  • Onshore oil and gas terminals
  • Facility turnarounds/shutdowns
  • LPG storage areas
  • Offshore and onshore drilling and service rigs
  • Offshore production platforms
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Typical Gases:

Flammable: various
hydrocarbon gases including methane.
Toxic: hydrogen sulphide,
carbon monoxide.
oxygen: depletion.

Power generation (traditional and renewable)

Conventional energy systems include power plants using fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, etc.), have been used to generate electricity.
While today renewable energy systems include solar, wind,
geothermal, biomass, and small-hydropower applications becoming more prevalent forms of power generation.

Typical Applications:

  • Around boiler pipework and burners
  • In and around turbine packages
  • Working near landfill gas pipework
  • Surface emissions monitoring in landfills
  • Blade production and welding of steel parts (wind energy
  • Confined spaces (in the tower and nacelle)
  • Working near landfill leachate pools and perimeter boreholes

Typical Gases:

Flammable: natural gas,

Toxic: carbon monoxide,
sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide,
hydrogen sulphide, VOCs.

oxygen: depletion.


Tunnels and car parks

Due to the emissions of toxic and flammable gases such as carbon monoxide CO, nitrogen dioxide NO2 and liquefied petroleum gas LPG, in the car parks and tunnels, it very important to use the appropriate gas detection system and ventilation one.

Typical Applications:

  • Car tunnels
  • Underground and
    enclosed car parks
  • Ventilation control
  • Access tunnels

Typical Gases:

Flammable: methane,
liquid petroleum gas and
petrol vapour.

Toxic: carbon monoxide and
nitrogen dioxide.


Commercial buildings and public facilities

Commercial and public facilities like swimming pools, shopping centres and schools use integrated safety systems, which can include gas detection.
Large visitor numbers can increase the risk of Carbon Dioxide build-up and heating systems may also need to be monitored for flammable gas leaks.

Typical Applications:

  • Mechanical rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Schools
  • Heating pipework monitoring
  • Indoor air quality monitoring

Typical Gases:

Flammable: methane.

Toxic: carbon dioxide,
carbon monoxide, chlorine.

oxygen: depletion.

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