iSense 4 WS-044-LED:

  • Variety of gases and vapours detected,
  • Broad temperature range: (-40 ÷ +60 °C or -40 ÷ +85 °C),
  • Versions with local LCD or FLED display,
  • Enclosures: aluminium or stainless steel,
  • Fled detectors version give the sense of COMFORT and SAFETY,
  • Periodical calibration once per year,
  • Ex.


Multichannel gas detector:

  • Variety of gases and vapours detected,
  • Sample method and conditioning aspiration, multi-channel, with the sample preparation,
  • Point measurement, however the device can be remote to the sampling point,
  • Protect the sensor, (ie removethe dust or corrosiveagents),
  • Up to 10 measuring channels (+ 2 auxiliary) – economic use of the sensor,
  • Does not require a dedicated analyser room
  • Exd.


  • Detected gas SF6 / Rx,
  • Broad temperature range: (-10 – +40 °C),
  • Enclosures: ABS, PC,
  • Periodical calibration once per year,
  • Exd.

iControl L WS-072-A:

  • Small systems,
  • Up to 20 detectors,
  • Reliability,
  • Innovative,
  • Easy installation,
  • Cyclic self-diagnostic procedures,
  • Optical System Signaling with different colours that indicates the system status.

oL signaller:

  • Lighting signals of different colours with very bright LED lights,
  • System Optical Signaller (for the following conditions: monitoring, alarm and failure)
  • Ex.


  • two light segments, available in 5 different colours. Segment could be 2-coloured
  • continuous / intermittent (blinking) signalling,
  • flash light in red or yellow,
  • acoustic signaller,
  • signalling up to two different alarm levels, with communicating the proper operational state (no
    failures) by the green colour,
  • connections and control by on/off signals or by RS-485 (Modbus),
  • installer friendly. Mistakes and errors in connections does not result in device damage,
  • device can also easily communicate a proper operation of the connected (controlling) devices, including connection / control lines.


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